Valentines Day List And Valentines Day Week List 2018

Valentines Day is the very precious day for the lover. In fact the whole 2nd week of February. Here you find the whole Valentines Day List. These days are not only for romantic partners but we can also present the gift to our Father, Mother, Brother, and Sister.  People celebrate the whole week and each day has its own name.

The Valentines Day List or Valentines Day Week starts with Rose Day on February 7, followed by Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day, and Valentine’s Day on February 14. Each day has its own importance but the most famous day is Valentine’s day which is celebrated on 14th February. On Valentines Day, some people express their love toward their “Valentine”.

Valentines Day List 2018 :

Following is the list of Valentines Day List or Valentines Week List :

Rose Day :

Rose day is celebrated on 7 February. Lovers express their love with their loved one by giving them rose. Are you ready to celebrate this day with your “Valentine”? People also celebrate this day with great charm. Rose is the second name of love that’s why Rose Day is on the Valentines Day Week List 2018. The whole week is full of fun and some people celebrated this whole week and didn’t want to miss any single day.

rose day

Propose Day :

So after the Rose day on 8 February, Propose Day comes. On this day Lover propose the lovers. Some new ones also express their feeling on this day. So if you have a feeling for someone then go and propose him and make this week a special week. Propose Day is the great test for people who can’t speak in front of their lover. We suggest you to propose your lover on this day. As its the part Valentines Day List you lover will never refuse you because she may also want someone with whom she celebrates their Valentines Day.

propose day

Chocolate Day :

So one the 9 February Chocolate day comes. People also call this day a sweet day.Lovers present chocolate to their “Valentine”. Some big companies that made chocolates also give special discount on chocolates for this day. The most used chocolate on this day is Daily Milk. Daily Milk made a special chocolate for this day too.

chocolate day

Teddy Day :

So after the chocolate day, teddy day comes on 10 February. On the day boys gift their girls friend their most favorite gift which is a teddy bear. Some boys ordered special kind of teddy which a heart and their girlfriend name. So get ready to celebrate this awesome day.

teddy day

Promise Day :

So promise day comes up on 11 February. On this day people promise their loves one that they will never ditch each other, they never leave each at the time of need. Making promises didn’t mean that you have a strong relationship but fulfill your promise means a strong relationship.

promise day

Hug Day :

So Hug day comes on 12 February just 2 days before Valentine day. Loves Hug each other in a tight way to express their feeling. So be ready to celebrate this day with your lover. The hug is the best blessing that we get from our lover. Our whole day tension will become zero when we got the hug from our lover.

hug day

Kiss Day :

So just one day before the valentine’s day kiss day comes. Lover enjoys this day too. Lover kisses their “Valentine” and shows their love for them. Young Couples love this day. Couple do kiss with each other and make this day awesome and also doing preparation for the Valentines Day.

kiss day

Valentine’s day :

So the most waiting day comes on 14 February. People make preplan for this day that how they celebrate it and make it a memory for the whole life. Lover exchange gifts, do a hangout and many other things on this day. So don’t wait for a moment go ahead and express your feeling to your loved one and make this day special.

valentines day

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