Celebration Of Valentines Day In India 2018

India is a country where we find old and new traditions. India has its own strong culture. The celebration of Valentines Day In India is very famous. In India, Valentines Day is celebrated between couples and best friends too. But in India young couples celebrate this day more as compare too aged couple.

Valentines Day In India

Public Holiday On Valentines Day :

As like other countries, in India there is no public holiday on Valentines Day . There is no holiday in Government or Private institute. But sometimes employee of private institute ask holiday from their boss to Celebrate Valentines Day. As this day is to make love so there should be the public holiday on this day, so people celebrate this day without any tension and give full time to their lover.

Valentines Day In India

How People Celebrate Valentines Day In India :

In India, the way to celebrate this day is similar to other countries. The meaning of this day is to make love so way to make love is almost same is every country. Following are some ideas to Celebrate Valentines Day In India.

Go On Date :

Most of the people go to Date with their lover and celebrate this day. As most of the young couples go on Date with their lover, not aged ones. Young couples go on date without the permission of their parents. Yes in India, Parents didn’t like that their son or daughter are dating someone, So parents are against from Valentines Day In India.

Valentines Day In India

Go To The Movies :

As there is no Public Holiday on Valentines Day, So couple go to the cinema and watch the romantic movie with their “Valentine”. Mostly on Valentines Day corner seats are booked many days before. Young couples like to seat on the corner seat and make love with their lover while watching Movie.

Valentines Day In India

Spend Night At Hotel :

In India, couples go out for dinner and then go to some hotel and spend their night at the hotel with each other. They spend time with each other at the hotel. In India, the price of hotels for the night stay is higher on Valentine’s day as compared to other days. The owner of the hotel knows that trend and they increase the price of rooms.

Valentines Day In India

By Gift Something :

People in India Celebrate Valentines Day by giving gifts to their valentine. Gift shows the height of love that you do with your lover. Following are the Ideas Of Valentines Day Gift.

  • Roses
  • Teddy Bears
  • Cards
  • Photo frames
  • Jewelry
  • Diamond Ring
  • Perfumes
  • Clothes
  • Watch
  • Chocolates

Places To Celebrate Valentines Day In India :

  • Hinglish – The Colonial Cafe
  • The Village Deck
  • Monkey Bar
  • Sarvam Safari
  • Olive Bar & kitchen

These are some places in India where you celebrate the valentines day. So go there and make your day perfect and make it memorable for your whole life.

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