Happy Hug Day 2018 – Valentines Day Week

Among the distinctive occasions of Valentine Week, one of them is Hug Day whose festival happens each year on twelfth February. This day is praised by young people and individuals of all ages gather who are enamored. This event which is related to Western culture, however, Indians additionally praise it with full happiness and energy.

hug day

Hug Day is celebrated on 12 Feb of each year.

The festival of this day by the couples incorporates the hugging of their accomplices. For communicating our adoration and love, we use to embrace our friends and family, accomplice and companions and so on this day. The hug is trailed by two people in which they snatch each other firmly in a standing position. On the off chance that we need to crisp our psyche and get assuaged from issues of life then we need to do the movement of hug on Happy Hug Day. This the day contains diverse sorts of hugs.

hug day

There are many of Hugs that you can do on this day make this day awesome. 

Type Of Hugs On Hug Day :

  1. Warm Hug
  2. The Polite Hug
  3. The Bear Hug
  4. The Sleepy hug
  5. Awkward Hug
  6. Flirty Hug
  7. Passionate Hug

How People Celebrate It :

This day is a standout amongst the unique days of the valentine week which is commended by the general population of all age amass by embracing each other. They embrace their accomplice, companion, friends and family and so forth firmly to express their adoration and love. The hug is a procedure of meeting each other firmly in standing position. It has the ability to soothe one from any issues and rouses the brain. On the off chance that one individual hugs someone else, it influences him to feel like he has been embraced by his friends and family.

hug day

Hugging has a considerable measure of medical advantages and additionally, it brings regular and feeling of being cherished by somebody. It might upgrade the mental and physical advancement of the individual being embraced. It develops and fortifies the insusceptible framework and reductions the danger of constant heart ailments by diminishing the pressure hormone, cortisol level, in blood. It has been demonstrated that a Hug of only 20 seconds brings a ton of satisfaction and in addition upgrades the level of oxytocin hormone. It keeps the people embracing each other from hypertension and high heart rate. It makes the individual feels extremely unwind and agreeable in the wake of getting embraced by anybody.

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