Feb Days List – Valentines Day Week

We saw many people looking for Feb Days List. These days come before the valentines day 2018. We also called this week valentines day Week.These days have their own way of celebrations. Each Day have its own purpose which can be described by its name. Like kiss day mean lover kiss each and hug day mean lover hug each.

As like each year, the February month is known as a romantic month. Since just in this month has come official love celebration named as Valentines Week. This week begins from 7th February to 21st February. As like one more year, each couple begins wanting to commend every day in the possess style.

Feb Days List

Presently we are giving you a few thoughts regarding its festival as indicated by 7 Feb to 21 Feb days list. In Valentine Week consistently need to know by a particular Name. So to talk about these all days and them mean you can make a look on this article till the end.

In spite of the fact that Feb Days List is generally celebrated the world over, India primarily commends the exceptional days by conveying Wishes and Quotes to their friends and family. Out of 15 Days, the initial 7 Days are just well known while a large portion of the general population observing Valentine Week days list in 2018 doesn’t realize that there are add up to 15 days. To everybody who needs to know All Days of Valentine Week full rundown with names and dates, here is the full rundown. We likewise reveal to you the significance of every day below.

Feb Days List – Valentines Day List :

The following days are Feb days list. It has 15 days. Go and see these interesting day.

    1. 7th Feb– Rose Day
    2. 8th Feb– Propose Day
    3. 9th Feb– Chocolate Day
    4. 10th Feb– Teddy Day
    5. 11th Feb– Promise Day
    6. 12th Feb– Kiss Day
    7. 13th Feb– Hug Day
    8. 14th Feb– Valentines day
    9. 15th Feb– Slap Day
    10. 16th Feb– Kick Day
    11. 17th Feb– Perfume Day
    12. 18th Feb– Flirting Day
    13. 19th Feb– Confession Day
    14. 20th Feb– Missing Day
    15. 21st Feb– Break Up Day

Feb Days List

Rose Day:

Rose day is the primary day of valentines week. On this Rose Day, Love Couples share Roses with each other. Everywhere throughout the world, Rose Day is commended on Feb seventh.

Propose Day:

Propose Day is the second day of valentines week. On this day numerous affection couples propose each other and numerous individuals are sitting tight for propose day to propose their pulverize, sweethearts, and wifes. What’s more, Propose Day is on Feb eighth

Chocolate Day:

Chocolate Day is the third day in valentines week list. Young ladies like Chocolate day. On this day Boys meet their sweethearts with sweet chocolates. Chocolate Day is on Feb ninth.

Teddy Day:

Teddy Day is the fourth day of valentines week list. This day is additionally for young ladies who likes teddy bears a considerable measure. On this day Boys display Teddy as a blessing to their lady friends. Teddy day is on Feb tenth.

Promise Day:

Promise Day is the fifth day in valentines week list. On this day couples guarantee to accomplish something or to quit something. On this day both the couples, young men and young ladies will do guarantee. Promise Day is on Feb eleventh.

Kiss Day:

Kiss Day is the 6th day of Valentine’s week list. Kiss day is the most loved day for some couples. On this day couples kiss each other. Kiss Day is on Feb twelfth.

Hug Day:

Hug Day is seventh and a day ago before Valentine’s day. This is likewise the most loved day to every one of the sweethearts. In the name itself, we can comprehend on this day couples share embraces with each other.

Slap Day:

Slap day is the primary after quite a while. Subsequent to Proposing young lady/kid on the off chance that they dismiss they need to express with a slap. Slap Day is on Feb fifteenth.

Kick Day:

After Slap Day if Boy/Girl propose again then they can kick in their stomach or anyplace. This is the most exceedingly awful day any darling dislike this day. Kick Day is on Feb sixteenth.

Perfume Day:

After Kick Day darlings observe Happy Perfume Day. On this day Lovers share Perfumes with each other. Perfume Day is on Feb seventeenth.

Flirting Day:

Feb eighteenth is Happy Flirting Day. On this day, boys play with their Girlfriends and Girls play with their Boyfriends.

Confession Day:

Feb nineteenth is Confession Day. On the off chance that in a cherishing couple they do anything incorrectly they need to admit on this day. Numerous affection couples are sitting tight to Confess their wrong things.

Missing Day:

On missing Day individuals who are feeling the loss of their adoring ones they will be recollected on this day. Missing Day is on Feb twentieth.

Breakup Day:

Separate Day is the latest day of Valentine’s week. On this day individuals praise their Break Ups with their companions. A separate day is on Feb 21st.

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